Waiterr, for your convenience & safety

Covid19 has turned the new 1.5 / 2 meter society into a reality. In order to support the hospitality industry and its guests in these special times, On-d-mand presents a new concept:

Waiterr: the online ordering web application, which allows guests to order quickly, safely and contactless in the hospitality industry.

• By scanning a QR code with your smartphone (photo camera), Waiterr opens automatically.
• Waiterr guides the guest through the ordering process with a few simple steps where payments can be made immediately.
• The orders arrive at the catering establishments via the online web platform and can be processed.

In order to give the hospitality industry the opportunity to remain recognizable in this new form of hospitality, the Waiterr’s logo is a waiter. This waiter assists the guest in the ordering process.

No app and no hardware

• Easily accessible for both the guests and the catering establishment.
• No use of apps that need to be installed. Anyone with a smartphone can order directly.
• QR code scanning is sufficient to open Waiterr automatically.
• No purchase of hardware, such as receipt printers or extra tablets etc.
• The platform is usable from smartphones or other mobile devices for both the guests and the hospitality staff.

QR codes can be used as stand-alone on tables and can be added to menus in the future.
It is also possible to print the QR codes via our online portal.

Bring Waiterr

to the attention

of the guests

Several POS materials are available to bring Waiterr to the attention of the guests.

Such as posters and window stickers.

Win-win with Waiterr


• Order safely, quickly, simply and efficiently without having to wait for hospitality employees
• Pay directly via iDeal or other payment services (depending on what the hospitality entrepreneur chooses to activate)
• Waiterr is available in your local language


• Less contact between employees and guest (1.5- meter society)
• Fewer employees
• Fewer meters for existing employees
• Receive orders quickly and effectively
• Directly paid (option)
• Possibility to provide a tip
• Food-drink pairing
• Other content, such as announcing events or highlighting seasonal products
• Personalization of Waiterr